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Consultations are always free and thorough at All Clear Electrolysis.

During your confidential consultation, you can expect to the following:

  • Discuss your concerns regarding unwanted hair growth, areas of treatment and current methods of removal.

  • Full understanding of how electrolysis works, cycles of hair growth, and techniques used in our office.

  • Infection prevention standards for the practice of electrolysis as defined by The American Electrology Association. http://www.professionals.electrology.com/be-an-electrologist/infection-prevention-standards.html

  • We will discuss your health history to make sure there are no conditions that may affect your treatment.

  • A treatment schedule that will include the length of each treatment and frequency.  Adhering to the plan is of one of the most important things you can do to achieve permanent results.

  • Pre and post treatment care.  You will be given post treatment care instructions along with fees and our office policy.

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Inna Fields, LE 

CT License #591

Electrolysis is suitable for

Any Skin Color

Any Hair Color


Sensitive Areas

Coarse, Wavy, Curly Hair

Hormonal Changes/PCOS

Transgender People

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